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    Eightyeight@Kasablanka Tower A, Lv. 5/E
    Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88,
    Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

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    Phone: +(62) 21 2956 8588
    Fax: +(62) 21 2956 8588
    Email: trade@teleindo.com



We fuel the success of our wholesale customers’ businesses by maintaining reliable and safe supplies and building strong relationships, based on mutual trust.


We supply petroleum products to many local distributors around Indonesia, who then sell them on to third parties, such as independent retailers and commercial and industrial companies. We provide a full range of fuel products to these wholesale customers and help them meet their specific local demands. We build strong relationships with wholesalers by delivering the right product to them, at the right time and price, backed up by our strong safety track record and reliability of supply.

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