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    Eightyeight@Kasablanka Tower A, Lv. 5/E
    Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88,
    Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

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Through our Storage site located strategically around Indonesia, we are able to deliver and maintain a consistent supply to our customers, from key traders in fuel products to leading oil companies and deliver the storage solutions they need.


Our storage terminals are a vital resource to traders, wholesalers and major oil companies around the world. We handle many different products for these key customers at our facilities, including HSD, Fuel oil, Condensate, LPG and petrochemicals.

The expertise and technology we have developed at our facilities allows us to provide a broad range of services, including: the high-volume bulk-building and bulk-breaking required by traders when they split or combine products for resale; sophisticated blending of oil products; as well as rail, truck, pipeline and discharging services

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