About Us

PT. Teleindo Prakarsa is an exclusive distributor for TELEDYNE CORMON (Corrosion Monitoring System) for the territory of Indonesia. Teledyne Cormon is a part of Teledyne Oil & Gas, a Teledyne Technologies Company which is focused on strengthening the value proposition by delivering high reliability engineered solutions for subsea/topside pipeline asset integrity monitoring, sensing and power/data network interfacing and distribution applications in the oil and gas exploration and production industry in the business of:

  • Field Performance — Flow Assurance and Pipeline Asset Integrity Sensing and Monitoring
  • Electrical, Optical Penetrations, and Distribution Systems for Power and Data Network Interfacing
  • Cable solutions for harsh environments
  • Application-focused New Product Development with Systems and Materials Expertise


Teledyne Oil & Gas consist primarily of:

  1. Teledyne Cormon
    Sensing & Monitoring Instrumentation for Pipeline Asset Integrity Monitoring
  2. Teledyne ODI
    Wet Mate Electrical & Optical Interconnect, Cable Terminations & Distribution Solutions for Harsh Environments
  3. Teledyne DGO’Brien
    High Pressure/High Temperature Interconnect, Penetrator, Cable Termination Solutions for Extreme Environments
  4. Teledyne Impulse
    Dry Mate Submersible Interconnect and Complex Molded Assembly Solutions for Harsh Environments
  5. Teledyne Cable Solutions
    Custom Cored Cable, Turnkey Cable & Harness Assemblies